Program Analysis Prof. Jan Reineke, Shrey Sharma


Exercise 3.4 - Changes and deadline extended

Written: 11.11.2019 18:39 Written By: Shrey Sharma

We have simplified the CFG interface based on feedback from some of the students.

Also, there was a bug in the CFG structure. The earlier CFG design would consider the first node in the CFG as an "entry" node. This was visible in the CFG::print() function that would skip the first node while printing the CFG. This has now been changed so that the CFG::print() function prints all nodes in the CFG. This is consistent with the definition of CFG in the lecture. The first node in your CFG has to be the one for the first statement in the program.

Please pull and merge  the new changes from the analyzer repository.

Due to the above mentioned changes, we are extending the deadline for this problem to 10:00 am on Thursday, November 14, 2019.  The deadline for the other problems in the assignment sheet is still November 12, 2019, before the lecture.

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